Our Services

We Love Kids!

 We offer kids frames and can prescribe contacts for all ages when parents feel they are ready for them. We also can discuss ways of trying to control your child's increasing myopia (near-sightedness) with special over-night contacts lenses.

We Love Our Seniors!

 Senior face many different vision changes including increased chances for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.  Not only can we work to improve your vision but we can also recommend nutritional supplements, dry eye treatments and ways to help slow down these changes.  We also have great surgeons we can recommend when further treatment is necessary.  

Orthokeratology (CRT)

 Nothing can be more frustrating than watching your child's vision getting worse.  We offer CRT overnight lenses that can free your child from daytime use of contacts and glasses and help slow down those changes.  Dr. Cooper has treated his own children with this trusted method. 

Medical Needs

 Sore eyes? Allergies? Dryness? Forgot your safety glasses?  Dr. Cooper is experienced in handling medical emergencies including removing metal from the cornea.  His close availability allows him to be reached for your medical emergencies instead of waiting in the emergency room or urgent care. 

Contact Lenses

Dr . Cooper can handle all vision conditions including keratoconus, post-operative conditions, presbyopia (reading vision) and all levels of astigmatism.  Dr. Cooper will find the best contacts to fit your visual needs and has dozens of brands and types to pick from.  

Fashion Frames

 We offer a wide variety of quality frames and sunglasses.  We can work with you to make sure your insurance benefit is used appropriately.  No insurance? No problem! We have a special unique line of frame and lens packages that compete well with other big stores like Costco. The difference is we offer a personal touch they just can't match!